High Quality Square Pipe Making Machine

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High Quality square pipe making machine

High Quality Square Pipe Making Machine High Quality Square Pipe Making Machine High Quality Square Pipe Making Machine

The HG219 welded pipe unit should be as close as possible to the position of the extrusion roll. The internal stress of the steel pipe is small and evenly distributed, which can effectively prevent stress corrosion cracking, and the dimensional precision is high, which is convenient for on-site welding construction. If the induction ring is far away from the extrusion roll, the effective heating time is longer, the heat affected zone is wider, and the weld strength decreases. On the contrary, the edge of the weld is not heated enough, after extrusion forming bad input heat is insufficient, the heated edge of the weld can not reach the welding temperature, the metal structure still remains solid, the formation of not fused or not welded through; When the input heat is insufficient, the edge of the heated weld exceeds the welding temperature, resulting in overfiring or melting drops, so that the weld forms a weld hole. Impedance is a magnetic bar or a group of special welding pipe, the impedance of the cross-sectional area should be not less than 70% of the inner diameter of the steel pipe, its role is to make the induction ring, tube blank weld edge and magnetic rod form an electromagnetic induction circuit, produce proximity effect, eddy current heat concentrated near the edge of the tube blank weld, so that the tube blank edge heating to the welding temperature. Adopt the process of pre - welding after fine welding, the welding process is stable and the weld quality is high. The direct-seam welded pipe equipment is dragged in the pipe blank with a steel wire, and its central position should be relatively fixed close to the center of the extrusion roll.


Burrs inside steel pipes are generally not. After the two edges of the tube blank are heated to the welding temperature, the oil casing is squeezed by the extrusion roll, forming common metal grains interpenetrating and crystallizing, and finally forming a firm weld. The welding temperature is mainly affected by the high-frequency eddy current thermal power. According to the relevant formula, the high-frequency eddy current thermal power is mainly affected by the current frequency, and the eddy current thermal power is proportional to the square of the current excitation frequency. The current excitation frequency is affected by excitation voltage, current, capacitance and inductance. If the extrusion pressure is too small, the number of common crystals will be small, the strength of the weld metal will decrease, and the cracking will occur after the stress. Weld of straight seam welded pipe equipment will produce welding scar after welding and extrusion. The method is to fix the tool on the frame, and scrape the welding scar flat by the rapid movement of the welding pipe. The steel pipe has a longitudinal weld, and the inner and outer welds are welded by a submerged arc welding.


The hot-dip galvanizing process of HG219 welded pipe unit is generally divided into three stages, which are: pre-treatment, hot-dip plating and post-stripping. The method used is solvent method. Next, we will specifically tell the HG219 type welded pipe unit hot dip galvanized pretreatment process.


1. Manually clean the rust spots on the workpiece surface of the welding pipe unit for pickling to remove rust, and the dirt such as paint or mark is removed by alkali degreasing.


2. Different materials of the workpiece are hoisted with different acid-resistant lifting devices.


3. After alkali degreasing and pickling, the workpiece needs to be soaked in clean water, and the residual lye and acid solution.


4. After solvent assisted plating treatment, the workpiece is dried. Remove moisture from the workpiece.


As a very important industrial equipment, it has a wide range of applications in all walks of life. The daily maintenance of welded pipe units is very important, not only to ensure the daily maintenance and production needs, but also to extend the service life of the equipment.


The usual maintenance method of HG219 welded pipe unit is as follows:


1. It is very important to add lubricating oil to the welded pipe unit regularly (preferably regularly) for lubrication. The selected model should be qualified and it is very important to do the corresponding anti-rust work.


2. In the normal use of the process, to do a good job of inspection, especially whether each pipeline can work normally, do a good job of the corresponding records, once found the hidden problems, need to be dealt with in time, to prevent the welding pipe unit caused damage, affect the normal use. In order to prolong the service life, the surface of the equipment is often galvanized. Before galvanized, the surface pretreatment of the welded pipe equipment is often carried out. The main process of pretreatment is degreasing water washing, pickling, re-washing, pickling is very suitable for galvanizing.


3. During the use of the equipment, it is necessary to cherish the equipment artificially.

Technical flow:

Steel coil→Double head uncoiler→Shear and welding→Accumulator→Forming section→H.F. induction welding→Deburr frame→Cooling unit→Sizing unit and straightener→Flying saw under computer control→Run out table→Inspecting→Packing→Warehouse
High Quality Square Pipe Making Machine

Model HG219
Tube diameter 114-219 mm
Tube wall thickness 3.0-8.0mm
Welding speed 15-40m/min
Main motor power 200+160
High frequency power 800 kw
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High Quality Square Pipe Making Machine

Hebei Yongyue Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional high-end cold-bending equipment manufacturer with an annual output of 100 sets of equipment, integrating independent research, production, development, sales and service.

Our company has long been committed to the development of straight seam welded pipe equipment, mold and cold bending equipment.

Our company's product quality is stable and cost-effective. Our Excellent design engineers and good processing technology ensure the quality and performance of the equipment.

Our company has been passed certifications of various systems, having a complete and scientific quality management system.

Our company's products designed not only sell well in China, but also exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, North America, Europe and other countries and regions, won widespread praise and good reputation.

Our company all use computer software to optimize the design of cold bending equipment and engineering drawing, making drawing, installation drawing. 
We have the first - class processing equipment, physical experiment equipment, non - destructive testing equipment and chemical analysis room.
We adopt the most advanced digital computer testing method to produce first-class-quality straight seam welded pipe equipment.

We own a perfect after-sales service network to provide you with fast and thoughtful service from pre-sale to after-sale.

Adhering to service principle of the quality as the root and of the credit as the base ,the general manager with all the staff welcome you to negotiate for our good cooperation.

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Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are manufacture and trading company.

Q: What about our after-sale service?
A: we provide technical support on line as well as overseas services by skillful technicians.

Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A :There is no tolerance regarding quality control. Quality control complies with ISO 9001.every machine has to past testing running before it's packed for shipment.

Q: How can I trust you that machines pasted testing running before shipping?
A: 1) We record the testing video for your reference
     2) We welcome you visit us and test machine by yourself in our factory.

Q: what is the MOQ?
A: One set

Q: Do you provide installing and debugging overseas?
A: Overseas machine install and worker training services are optional.

Q: Can you make the machine according to my design or prototype?
A: Yes, we have an experienced team for working out the most suitable design and production plan for the machine that you are going to book with us.

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High Quality Square Pipe Making Machine


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